Welcome to my website!  Iím Elizabeth Rolls and I write Regency historicals for Harlequin.  I hope youíll enjoy yourself here and send me a message.  Itís great hearing from readers.

Youíll find information on my previous books and upcoming releases, as well as news about what Iím doing at the moment, a short bio, and how I started writing.  There is also a page with links to various websites, mainly other writers. 

Donít forget to have a look at the photos page!  We have quite a menagerie here and there is a new resident - one with feathers and a great deal of sheer unmitigated cheek. There are also photos taken at Monarto Zoo recently when I enjoyed a very special birthday present there.

2011 is nearly gone - and it's time for the  Harlequin Historical Holiday Giveaway again. My day is 30th November. Click Here to link with the Advent Calendar. I've been having a little trouble with the html codes so this  will take you to Michelle Willingham's site for the live Advent Calendar with all the links for the other authors. (Technophobe? Moi? Perish the thought!) MY question and answer are here on this site. On the 30th I'll post the information about what you need to find on this site and email me about to go into the daily draw for a signed copy of one of my books, and also into the Grand Draw on 23rd December for a Kindle Fire!

Despite my winner for the 30th November being announced, you can still enter here to give yourself an extra chance to go in the draw for the Kindle Fire.
Also, one person had trouble with my email links. So if the email buttons at the top of each page don't work for you, the addie is books at elizabethrolls.com. I can only wish the cursed spammers had so much trouble with my email buttons!

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